Coffee Stain Teeth – Tongue Scraping and Coffee Stained Teeth

** How to use a tongue scraper
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13 Responses to “Coffee Stain Teeth – Tongue Scraping and Coffee Stained Teeth”

  1. youlube2002 says:

    such a cool video i enjoy you more than most dentist your funny

  2. erniesbudolab says:

    @wilcomatla Wilco! OMG…long time no chop-chop! Did you really have to ask? I had a good teacher of weirdness.

  3. wilcomatla says:

    lmaoo Ernie! Funny how you come up with this stuff! :) )

  4. erniesbudolab says:

    @chinaeyes22 Hahaha! Wow, Jason. You scare me because you took the time to analyze my vid and create hyper-links!

  5. chinaeyes22 says:

    That’s the first time a saw an actual tongue scraper.
    Eeew!!!! 2:26 – I could actually hear the
    raking action over your tongue.
    2:47 – OMG something really did fell off.
    Absolutely DELIGHTFUL dental vlog, Ernie.
    Good thing I just finished breakfast. :-)

  6. xianning says:

    INTERESTing loL
    actually i never seen a tongue scraper before ahah

  7. RoxasX58 says:

    kool review or news

  8. anneimaizumi says:

    Ernie i did the same way.. i always used tongue scraping everytime i brush my teeth to clean my tongue at the same time. It really works.. Great job!

  9. TheMizzAmanda says:

    i didnt even know tounge scrapers existed.

  10. erniesbudolab says:

    @hellstoocold Hahahaha….!

  11. hellstoocold says:

    ok before I even finish the video,Let me put away my lunch lol

  12. m1ndgam3z says:


    I might need to get one now for those days after drinking and I don’t know what I’ve eaten the night before… =P LOL

  13. pk511 says:

    5 stars for grossness


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